Santa Hut Remodel 2024

Santa Hut Remodel 2024We are partnering with the students in Construction Trades (and Mr. Probst) at Keystone Central School District to refurbish the infamous “Santa Hut”.

The hut was, and hopefully will be again, located in Triangle Park, Lock Haven, PA during the holidays. Children from all over Clinton County have memories of visiting Santa at the hut.

Over the years, due to being kept outside and vandalism the hut is in need of updates.

Construction Trade students will be replacing the door, windows, soffit, trim, painting, and checking all electric. They will also be evaluating additional repairs and updates to get the hut ready for Santa and the 2024 holiday season.

Can you help us?

Help us by raising the money for supplies needed to repair and update the hut and bring life to the annual Haven Holidays in Downtown Lock Haven.

All money raised will be used to make the hut like brand new, give students an opportunity to perform real life work, and provide the community with an amazing holiday month. All contributions are very appreciated.

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What is Haven Holidays?

Haven Holidays includes Santa, reindeer, the annual parade, a tree lighting in Triangle Park, decorations throughout downtown, and four weeks of small business promotion.

Downtown Lock Haven, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to make our community inviting and beautiful. We partner with the City of Lock Haven and Clinton County, PA to increase small business support. We do this through memberships to our organization and through donations and sponsorships toward our efforts.

Thank You to All Contributors

  • Tammy Farrington
  • Deneen Knisely
  • Lisa Dunkle
  • Carol Hanna
  • Deaven Winkleman
  • Wilson Riccardo
  • Tammy Miller
  • Debbie Meder
  • George Conklin
  • MA Spangler
  • Paul Caimi
  • Steve Stevenson
  • Krissy Meeker

Thank you from Downtown Lock Haven, Inc. and the Board of Directors.