Cross Life Ventures

Marketing, Communication, and Community Development Services

North Vista Drive Lock Haven, Pennsylvania 17745


Email: [email protected]


We are a community development business that develops people, professionals, businesses, and organizations through marketing and communication. 

We are dream focused. We focus on individual dreams and aspirations and what an individual wants to achieve in their here and now. 

Whether you are a small business trying to grow clientele, an individual seeking change, or a community looking to grow tourism, we will guide you. If we can’t help with a particular dream, we find others who can. 

Cross Life Ventures helps in Community Development, Business and Organization Development, Professional, Personal, and Youth Development.


Our mission is to inspire others to be better together through challenges, hard work, helping others, and love. Through our training programs, workshops, education, and support, we enrich the lives of others and their communities. It is our goal to help people become the best version of themselves so their lives can inspire others.


Our vision supports our efforts of building others up by focusing on their strengths rather than their limitations. Through collaboration and acknowledgement of our own limitations, our communities will become stronger places for everyone. Our hope is to create a ripple effect throughout our world of love, kindness, and positivity.